Thursday, 22 February 2018

The pursuit of happiness is unending for man.

The pursuit of happiness is unending for man. While God designed that we find it in the joy of knowing Him and following His plan and purpose, man has tried to find it in other things. One of the follys Of man is found in delaying happiness till the attainment of success which is perceived as the achievement of a goal. That has made success elusive for many. Don’t postpone your happiness but rather find joy;
1) In your relationship and fellowship with God. That’s supernatural and does not regard good and bad times.
2) In the uniqueness of your personality. God designed you in a special way and you should like yourself and love yourself with your imperfections. Infact, learn to laugh at your shortcomings (not moral failures). Get up after failures and determine to win where you failed but love yourself still.
3) Appreciate family and friends for the value they bring, the laughter they inspire and the opportunities of growth that conflicts with them bring.
4) Find the joy of fulfilling purpose as you impact the lives of others. Maslow in later life described it as ‘Self Transcendence’.
Enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going.
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