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Thursday, 22 February 2018

The claim that a ministry legalistic by Poju Oyemade

The claim that a ministry legalistic.
It is important that we don't throw around words without it being properly founded on truth and then on actual circumstantial facts particularly when what we say is an attempt to create an impression on the mind of others concerning another person, group, ministry or organization. We do not establish the truth about God's word by criticizing others but by demonstrating the truth and then teaching it. Herein lies the power to transform it's never found in accusations.
When it is said that certain ministries or ministers are legalistic in their approach to ministry, it can only mean one of the two things. It is either they present a message that communicates that a person cannot be justified in the sight of God by the blood of Jesus alone but by doing certain things in addition to the sacrifice of Jesus or they have now resorted to the use of fleshly means to bring about perfection in Christ after they have accepted justification by His blood. 
These are the two areas Paul addressed in confronting those who were seeking justification through the works of the law or after they were justified they resorted to the principle of the law and human effort to do that which the Spirit was sent within us to accomplish. We cannot categorize teachings about walking in the Spirit and not fulfilling the lusts of the flesh or doing the works of faith and how to live by faith as legalistic. 
When the Spirit brings us into the knowledge of aspects of scriptures and shows us either a promise that needs to be appropriated, quickening certain portions of the scripture in our hearts either as an individual or as a Church, as we begin to exercise our faith in God for He is the one who is at work in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure, He will lead us into saying and doing things that will bring about an outworking of the truth in our flesh.
He may lead us to a change in our lifestyle, prayer patterns etc in fulfilling that vision within us. He builds a kingdom culture within us. Individuals, ministries and churches who have over the years walked with God in fulfilling their vision would have developed certain practices in actualizing their fellowship with God. You cannot walk into such a place and say these ones are being legalistic.
They are not doing those things to get justified in the sight of God. They have been taught by God concerning certain things and God has worked these things into their flesh. Paul who said "I thank God that I pray in tongues more than ye all" was definitely not spending long seasons in prayer to earn his justification nor was he doing it for fun. He was taught by the Spirit.

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