Friday, 22 December 2017



Na wa oooo….Satan visited me and asked me:
“How far?..
I told him: “I thank God for everything…”
He laughed me to scorn..
He said what on earth should I thank God for?…
He showed me my mates who are living inside
mansions, and I said hahaaa and I showed him
my mates who are also inside the grave…
He showed me some of my mates who are inside
The costliest cars in town…
I also showed him some of my mates who are
inside the costliest caskets in town…
He showed me th fat bank account of some of my
And I showed him d hospital bills of some others
who are terribly sick…
He took me to boutiques, to show me those who
are dressed with the most expensive designer
clothings …
I took him to the prisons and cells scattered all
over the country..  and I showed him guys who were
accused innocently who have been there for many
years…Even their loved ones has forgotten them there…
Satan felt broken and wanted to leave me alone…
But i told him to follow me to just one place…
I took him to the mortuary and I now showed him
many of my mates who are lying down there
naked and dead …
He could not say anything again…
He left me and ran away…
Friends, don’t let anything get you depressed…you are
not a mistake, you are not an accident no matter
what has happened to you or how bad you think you are
faring in life…
There is always something good God is doing in your life
that your enemies are envying….
you can’t withdraw your own money from your bank
without your ATM card or bank slip…
The Bible said that with joy we shall DRAW from
the wells of salvation…
There are many things to draw from God…and
thank him still for in your life…JOY is your ATM card
Without JOY, you will draw nothing…
That is why Nehemiah, in the midst of battles,
was able to say: “The joy of the Lord is my
Beloved God might not have done everything…
But he has done many things…
If only you know how much evil and shame that the
Lord has spared you from in the past months,
you will appreciate God for what you are today…
To him that is joined to the living, there is
hope….For a living dog is better than a dead lion.
Be thoughtful, be thankful…
David understood this and he said…
“If it has not been the Lord who was on our side,
they would have swallowed me up quick when
their anger was kindled against us…
But our souls as a bird has escaped the snare of
the fowler…”
Remember what you are today is not
final…..God is preparing something bigger


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