The fear of the lord by apostel joshua selman

                                                THE FEAR OF THE LORD (The spirit of reverence)
                                                Texts: psalm 25:14, Isaiah 11:1-2
The Fear of the Lord signifies reverence, respect and value. All the seven spirits of God are in manifestation in these days except the spirit of the fear of the lord and God calling us to a point of true reverence, respect and honour of Him. There are certain secrets of God we cannot get if we don’t truly fear and revere Him.
There are three indications that show we don’t truly fear God, they are:
  1. 1.      Lawlessness: lawlessness is different from liberty. There is liberty anywhere the spirit of God is. Liberty frees you from the religious entanglement of men. Lawlessness means the lack of restrain or lack of control. It is a proof that the fear of the lord has not been rooted in our lives. We are supposed to set a standard as believers in every sphere of life and influence we find ourselves. God frowns at a lawless life and society, the lawlessness of Sodom and Gomorrah made God destroy them.

  1. 2.      Pride: God opposes the proud and arrogant. I’ is the language of pride.
    Always make a conscious effort to exalt Jesus Christ in anything you do. You
    must learn to check balance yourself. One thing God will not tolerate is for us
    to take His glory and sovereignty. Pride is an indication that we do not respect the authority and sovereignty of God over our lives. We must embrace the mindset of humility (Phil 2:5-11).It takes an understanding that everything we have and are comes from God to remain in humility. One of the greatest ways to manifest humility is to sincerely acknowledge the grace and authority of God as the source of our anointing, accomplishments, etc.We must ALWAYS give God the glory...ALWAYS!

  1. 3.       Selfishness: is self-centeredness (James 3:16). We need to kick selfishness out of the church. Selfishness demonstrates that the Love of God is not truly active in our lives. We must live our lives for the good of others. Love is the antidote to selfishness. We must embrace the Love and servant hood of Jesus.

Please take time to ponder on these things. God's favour be upon you and make you a wonder   to your world.
God bless you

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