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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Apostle joshua selman: The Gifts Of The Spirit (Part Two)

The Gifts Of The Spirit (Part Two)
We will be examining some of the nine gifts of the Spirit.
-The Gift of Prophecy: This is the supernatural ability to reveal events and information; mostly futuristic in nature. The purpose of prophecy is edification, exhortation and comfort of the Body of Christ.
Things to note about the gift of prophecy:
1. We see in part, and prophesy in part.
2. The Word of God is a more sure word of prophecy.
3. The prophetic is the office with the highest propensity of falsehood.
Every true manifestation of prophecy must be within the boundaries of God’s Word. Understanding God’s Word and His character is the template for judging prophecies.
-The Gift of Faith: This is an unusual ability to believe God, higher and greater than your current faith level and exposure. The manifestation of this gift is always short-lived because of its huge potency.
The gift of faith is the operation of the God kind of faith. It is one of the hallmark of an Apostolic ministry.
-The Gifts of Healing: This is the ability to supernaturally bring emotional and physical healing to people.
Emotional brokenness is created by negative words and circumstances. When you carry emotional hurt, it becomes the lens through which you see and respond to life’s situations.
Every time a medical situation defies treatment, it is sponsored by demonic spirits. Physical healing of the body is one of the ways to display God’s power.
-The Working of Miracles: This is the ability to produce supernatural results that are above and beyond the laws of nature. The working of miracles defy the law of process.
Any time you desire instant intervention when you’re out of options, to prevent embarrassment, what you need is a manifestation of miracles.

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